A Mini Tour – A Massive Donation!

A Massive THANK YOU to Andy Mynott and the British Motor Heritage factory for their £510 Donation!

Andy runs two classic mini car clubs and recently organised 4 tours for his club members to the British Motor Heritage factory in Witney. The factory kindly said the tours were free, but they like to see donations towards a local charity instead of taking any money for their tours.

Having a household of animals (4 dogs, 2 cats currently, and he has had many others, rabbits, guinea pigs in the past) Andy selected the Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary as a worthy recipient and then asked for £10 per person who attended the tours – a total of £510!

A big thanks to Andy for suggesting the Sanctuary, but also to the BMH team who gave up their time for the clubs to spend 4 half days at their factory – thank you so much for such a great idea and for being so generous with your time!

The members of the club are taxpayers; to they can also allow us to claim the gift aid on this as well! This makes £637.50 in total!

Andy’s also looking to repeat this next year as a fair few couldn’t make the tours this year!

Andy says “You are all more than welcome to the donation and deserve it and I know you will be able to put the money to good use.”

Links to Andy’s clubs and the British Motor Heritage factory: