More Cat & Rabbit Success Stories!

It’s always incredibly tricky to describe what makes the Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary a unique organisation.

We feel that it’s our dedication to rehoming the cats and rabbits that would find it difficult to meet the requirements of any other rescue organisation and our no refusal, no destruction policy is close to our hearts. We rehabilitate and rehome the abandoned and most vulnerable and mistreated animals.

We’re a Sanctuary by the very definition of the word and our success stories prove this philosophy time and again.

Sometimes it takes longer or we have to work harder for the cats and rabbits to be home-ready.

It’s often a struggle to find the forever families for our animals… but find them we do!Read about some of our proudest moments of the past few months below:


Chicken came to us in March 2018 due to a baby arriving in the home, a relationship split and some health issues. The poor kitty was in the middle of a difficult situation for the family and was showing signs of stress.

If that wasn’t enough, she was born with a neurological defect that affected the way she walked.

As a result of this, no other rescue organisation was willing to take her on but we took her in.

After her time in quarantine, she was moved to our rehoming rooms where she entertained staff and became a firm favourite.

She found a home after several weeks and has an amazing new owner, who sends us lots of adorable updates.


Mr Tiddlywinks

Mr T came to us from Manchester because sadly his owner passed away in a terrible accident. His family had tried local rescue centres without success and finally found OAS.

He had only lived indoors all his life (14 years) with one owner and was terrified of anyone new.

It took our cattery staff a few weeks to get near him.

Thankfully, after a lot of work with him, we found two amazing people who were willing to put in the time and patience, to allow him to settle into his new home.



Lily came to us because her owner got a new puppy who kept stressing Lily, resulting in toileting in the home and no safe place to hide. They’d had poor Lily all her life. She was 15 when she came here.

Our vets diagnosed Lily with a heart condition which we treated. She is now on life long medication.

She is one of the sweetest little munchkin cats we’ve ever known and is now living her retirement years with a wonderful new owner. No dogs.



Smudge and Binksie

These guys came to us because their owners were moving abroad but were amazing people and had done an amazing job with these two, spending an enormous amount of money on their medical care and had given them a wonderful life. Binksie had an acute heart condition requiring daily medication and due to OAS having very experienced rabbit staff, we knew we could take care of these guys and would try our best to find them a home.

They were cared for by our staff and vets for 10 months before the right people came forward.

They were adopted in March and have settled into their new home really well.