Rabbit Adoption Questionnaire

Rabbit Adoption Questionnaire

IMPORTANT: This is a pre-adoption enquiry questionnaire and does not guarantee you an adoption nor a reservation of the animal you are interested in. It should be completed by the main carer, who must be over 18 years old. At the bottom of this form, we ask you to upload photos, so please have these ready to attach, before you continue.

If your enquiry is about an animal who's not on our website, please write 'speculative enquiry' in this box'

About You

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Acceptable forms of ID include; driving licence, passport or utility bill dated within the past 2 months. Only one of these is required but must bear the name and address of the adopter (i.e. where the animal will be living). Your ID need only be shown to an OAS official but will NOT be copied or kept on any of our systems.
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About Your Home

Your Home Environment

Please state all adults and children and the children's ages
Please state all child visit frequencies and the children's ages
Is your current rabbit neutered?
Is your current rabbit vaccinated against Myxo/RHD?
Is your current rabbit vaccinated against RHD2?
If you are adopting a single rabbit to be paired with your existing rabbit or rabbits, do you have experience with bonding?

Your Animal Preferences

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Your Rabbit Accommodation

IMPORTANT: We will only rehome rabbits to owners whose accommodation meets the MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS set out by the Rabbit Welfare Association. CLICK THE LINK BELOW to see these requirements. Please DO NOT complete this form if you do not currently meet these standards unless you have/want indoor rabbits and they have the required space indoors. We can advise you as to how best to meet these standards if you are willing to learn more about the appropriate care. Please email info@oascharity.org.uk.
Just to be clear, the minimum space we recommend refers to the ground space available (3 x 2 metres) in the main enclosure. The upper floor of a two-storey hutch does NOT count towards the footprint. Similarly, whilst raised platforms, tunnels and other connected areas are great for enrichment and are actively encouraged, they do not count towards the footprint, they are a nice bonus.
Will the rabbit have supervised free roaming time? *
Is your outdoor accommodation predator proof? *

Important points to consider

Rabbits are often bought as first pets for children who get bored and lose interest. Many rabbits are kept in poor accommodation and suffer because owners misunderstand their needs. Listed below are the most common reasons people give up their rabbits. Please read through each reason and give your views on each statement:

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