Roxy – one year since adoption

We’ve had a lovely update from Roxy’s adopters that we wanted to share with you.
She initially went home on a trial whilst they worked with our team and behaviourist to help with her separation and dog reactivity issues. We are so grateful to them for all the work they have done with her, which was considerable in the early weeks but as you’ll see by reading the update, it was really worth it.

Hi all,

I hope you’re keeping well and good. I realised that we zoomed past our one year anniversary of having Roxy join our family and wanted to reach out to let you know how chuffed we are with her.

You may recall that Roxy had separation anxiety and leash reactivity. She has come such a long way in trusting us and has absolutely imprinted herself on my partner. As far as the separation anxiety goes, she’s become so much more confident and comfortable in our home. She’s still leash reactive but we continue to use the skills the behaviourist supplied us with when we started training her. On that note, we accept who she is and have found plenty of clever ways to keep her busy without the stressors of other dogs.

Here are some photos of some of our adventures together over the past year. As you can probably tell, we adore her. She’s always up for the challenge, no matter the terrain. I don’t think I’ve ever met a dog who loves their walks quite as much as her!

In short, a very big thank you for all you do. You help to fill the hearts of so many households.