Snoop ‘Best Dog Ever’

Here’s another lovely update from Snoop’s family. Snoop is an 11 year old Mastiff.
They adopted him around two and a half years ago and couldn’t bear another day without telling us how wonderful he is.

Hi, hope everyone is well.

Time for a Snoop update for you all , we’ve had him for just under 2.5 years, so we have really got to know him inside out, and he has the most amazing character, he is the perfect dog, only way I can explain him, a true gentleman, never had and most likely never will ever meet another dog like him.

This email may appear to be as long as a novel because I love talking about Snoop.

He still loves sleeping, he’s quite lazy, as I am typing this he has gone back upstairs to bed sometimes he won’t get off his bed til gone 11 and on a weekend he’s still in bed at got 12, we have to get him up or he would stay in bed all day, he’s got lazy bones 🦴 🤣

Sometimes I will talk to him and he looks at me as if to say “I have no idea what you’re saying to me” but I know he loves it when humans talk to him. We had a new sofa delivered before Christmas and he asked if he could get on it, his way of asking is quite funny, he will rest his slobby chops on the seat and look at you, as soon as you say “come on then” he jumps up, he will always ask, and he has his own spot on the sofa as well, the same spot as myself and my husband we used to eat our dinner in the front room before we redecorated and Snoop would act a fool to get your attention, he’d lay on his back with one leg stuck up in the air or jump around and make funny noises, and you can’t help but laugh at him, he’d be silly sometimes as if he knows he’s being funny , at night times he has a routine, my husband will put some treats under his pillow and give Snoop one at a time and if he’s waited too long he will push Dave with his nose or put his head under the quilt and flick it up “come on I want another treat” he will jump around the room trying to get attention, some nights I have given him his treats BUT he still wants treats from his Dad he won’t settle otherwise.

When dinner time comes around we say “what time is it” and he gets so excited, he’s like a puppy,  If he’s late having his dinner , we know about it.

He has his own social media account, it’s called Petzbe (no humans allowed) it’s very much like Instagram, but you get licks and sniffs instead, he talks to other dogs around the world, he’s not very good at spelling but he has a good go (check it out, maybe set one up for the animals at OAS).

He’s so scared of a lot of things, like the wind, if both front and back doors are open and a breeze come through he legs it up the garden, he loves the beach , he will paddle in the sea but runs away from the waves, bless him, he just melts my heart, he’s so loyal and very loving.
He loves other dogs especially dogs his own size , he will prance around and play when he’s up the dog field, he gets scared of dogs if they bark at him in passing though , he will hide behind me
He still doesn’t bark , in the time we’ve had him he’s only barked about 5 times and it’s just one single bark , he does make some silly noises though when I get his lead to go out.
He is the best dog ever 🐕