Animal Adoption Process

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You’ve probably already set your heart on one of our fantastic animals for adoption, but it’s important that you check the animal’s profile very carefully. This covers their suitability for living with children and whether the animal is happy to live with other animals.

You’re then welcome to visit the office during visiting times and complete our homefinder questionnaire. Our staff will then recommend an appropriate animal for you to consider/meet. You do not need to book an appointment.

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Place a Deposit

If you would like to adopt one (or more) of our animals, we require a £20 non-refundable deposit (cash only).

There is no hurry to place a deposit so please take your time to think about the long-term commitment you may be undertaking and feel free to ask as many questions as you like!

Home Check

If you’re adopting a dog, we must visit your home to assess the suitability of the property.

We check things like height of fencing, size of property, condition and security of garden and where the dog will sleep.

Please note: we only carry out a home check when the deposit has been received.

If we advise you to make any changes to fencing for example, adoption cannot take place until the work has been done.

Vet Check

Our animals are checked by our vets prior to adoption and you will receive a report to take home with you on the adoption date.

All dogs are neutered and vaccinated (including Kennel cough). If you adopt a dog who is on regular medication at the time of adoption, we may be able to help cover the costs but only if consulted by our vet (based in Bicester).

If, for any reason, the animal fails the vet check, we ensure the animal receives the necessary veterinary care before being adopted.

Vet checks are on Tuesdays so animals are normally available for collection on Wednesdays, unless they are due to be neutered or require any other veterinary procedure.

Adoption Day

New owners will complete our adoption form in which you agree to a range of terms and conditions and donate towards the costs of the animals’ care.

Donation amounts are as follows:

Dogs: £170

Cats/Kittens: £80

Rabbits: £70 (includes both vaccinations)

Cards accepted