Tilly Billy’s story – 10 years since being adopted

Here’s a lovely update from Tilly’s owners….
We adopted Tully from you back in March 2010.
We renamed her Tilly – though obviously, this has morphed into Tilly billy, Tillsy bills etc). She was 2ish at the time and is a collie x husky.
She’d had a difficult time and had a few homes that hadn’t worked out.
I’ve been meaning to get in touch for a while to let you know that she’s still with us (nearly 15 we think). She’s had such a happy life and has been really loved. She was a bit bonkers when we first got her and she took a few years to calm down. She’s always been brilliant with other dogs and in fact, many of our friends have used her for socialising their puppies. I still wouldn’t trust her near cats/chickens etc but her eyesight and arthritis mean that she’s less likely to catch anything anymore.
We’ve moved house, had 2 children and moved house again. She’s been fabulous with the children and we’ve taught them how to treat dogs with respect.
She had cancer between her eyes about 7 years ago, which resulted in us going to supervets. She had quite radical surgery but rallied well and despite having quite a visual difference now – she rocks it and we still get comments about how lovely she looks.
Anyway – I mostly wanted to say thank you so much for all the work you do and for trusting us to give Tilly a good home. Best £40 we ever spent!!
(Editor: our adoption fees are a little higher nowadays!)
Thanks to Tilly’s family for giving her such an amazing life. We can’t thank you enough.