We Have One Amazing Dog

“We rehomed Milo (white Akita X) over a month ago. From the moment we met him, we knew he was family. The love that bounced off him was amazing. He was so gentle with the kids; a massive softie.  He is amazing off lead — the picture shows him playing with his best friend, Rocky. Thank you to whoever gave Milo up; they have lost a truly loving friend and family member and we have gained one amazing dog!”

Adopting From The Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary

We are always here to advise and offer any help we can. it can take time for your new pet to settle in, so it is worth bearing in mind what is happening in your life when your new addition arrives.

Thank you for adopting from The Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary. All of our animals whether dogs, cats or smaller pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs have different needs and have come from different environments. For this reason, we aim to match your requirements and living arrangements to the needs of our animals.

If you can not adopt, have you considered sponsoring?