Giving Up Your Pet

Giving up your pet is never an easy decision. We understand that circumstances can change and we respect how much of a difficult decision it is.

Below are links to our relinquishment forms. Please click on the one that’s relevant to your pet.

Your form will reach the sanctuary and one of the team will get back to you, typically within 5 days. If we are able to help, we will place your pet(s) on a waiting list and contact you when we have space for them.

You will need to bring them to us as we don’t have the resources to collect animals from your home.

How long will I have to wait?

This depends on the species and the needs of the animals. It can be a few days to a few weeks or perhaps longer. Our capacity is limited and we must rehome animals to make space for new arrivals and this is not easy to predict.

There is no cost to relinquish your pet but donations are welcome.

Once in our care, all animals are seen by our vets and receive the necessary treatment before being made available for adoption. During this time, our team learn about their character, personality, likes and dislikes, enabling us to find the most suitable forever home for them.

You can contact us at any time to get an update by phone 01865 890 239 or email


Once the animal is handed over to us, they become the legal property of OAS and they cannot be returned for any reason so please bear this in mind.

Your pet is likely to spend some time on our waiting list before we contact you to offer a space in our facility and you can remove them from this list at any time, for whatever reason. You may find an alternative rescue to rehome your pet or change your mind and decide to keep them. When you complete the relinquishment form, you will agree to this, so please consider it carefully.


If it’s an emergency and you need to rehome your pet quicker than we can help, please contact the larger animal charities who may be able to help.