Coco & Chanel

Coco & Chanel arrived in our care after their human companion became unwell with a terminal illness. They’ve been doted on their whole life so understandably, they’ve found the transition quite overwhelming.

Slowly but surely, they are making progress. Coco is the most confident of the pair. She enjoys gentle fuss and attention and her body language shows that she’s enjoying it. Chanel is still a little wary of new people but it is lovely to watch her let her guard down with the cattery team. It shows that she has a loving nature just wanting to shine through, and it will with time.

  • Coco is calico colour
  • Chanel is ginger and white
  • They are both 9-year old female dometsic long haired cats
  • Can live with children aged 14+
  • Cannot live with cats
  • Can live with a cat-savvy dog
  • They need outdoor access



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