Our Animal Welfare Promise

We work tirelessly and are dedicated to providing the very best care for all our animals.

We are continuously reviewing and evolving our procedures, facilities and animal environments in line with guidance from staff, vets, our expert behaviourist and specialist associations.

We are members of the Association of Dogs and Cats Homes (ADCH). ADCH have inspected our site and assessed our procedures in order to verify that our welfare standards meet their strict criteria.


All animals are inspected on arrival for medical or health issues and will receive a veterinary consultation during their first week at the Sanctuary.

All animals are given a health check by our vets prior to adoption and adopters receive a certificate providing details of the consultation or their clinical history, from their time in our care.

All adopted animals are:

  • Neutered*
  • Vaccinated
  • Treated for fleas and worms
  • All dogs, cats and rabbits are micro-chipped and registered to the national database.

*kittens may be adopted before being neutered – T&Cs apply

Providing this level of care for our animals attracts a considerable cost to the Sanctuary.

However, we feel it is a basic right of any animal in our care to receive a high level of veterinary care.


In order to make their stay with us as comfortable as possible, we provide our animals with a secure environment, nutritious diets, warmth and daylight, plenty of love and enrichment.

We care for each and every animal in the Sanctuary with a deep level of empathy and evolve our care by responding to the individual needs, behaviour preferences and responses.

Helping our Animals Thrive

Well-being goes far beyond just health and meeting basic needs.

For dogs with behavioural issues, we also offer to contribute towards any training sessions by our selected trainer and behaviourist, if funds allow this.

This includes post-adoption training as well.