• Male
  • Born 2011
  • Collie x Labrador

What’s Great About Buddy?

  • He’s very clever and great at tricks
  • Enjoys training
  • Loves being with people
  • Loves to play
  • Can live with children 10+

What Buddy Needs?

  • Lots of exercise and mental stimulation
  • Experienced owner
  • A home without other pets
  • Quiet walking routes
  • No neighbouring dogs



About Buddy

Buddy has proven to be fantastic with people, but is not comfortable around other dogs, so will need an owner with experience in this. We believe that Buddy will make a fantastic pet to the right owners, he is eager to please and very food orientated. Buddy has been attending training sessions during his time with us at OAS. He loves his classes so we are looking for an owner that will be able to continue Buddy’s training.

What Buddy needs from his Forever Home

Buddy would like to be the only pet in the home, but could live with children aged 10+. We would also advise that potential adopters spend his first week at home with him to allow him to settle in. Once he is settled we believe Buddy would be able to be left for between 2 – 4 hours.

Want to meet BUDDY?

We’d love to introduce you to him!