Our Mission and Values

We exist to provide a refuge for dogs, cats and rabbits who have been mistreated, neglected, abandoned, are unwanted and for those whose owners are no longer able to care for their pets.

Typically, we care for around 130 animals daily and rehome around 500 each year.

We aim to match our animals with suitable adopters so the next home is their forever home.

Where this is not possible, due to behavioural issues for example, the Sanctuary is their home and our staff and volunteers give them as close to a pet’s life as is possible. They are our sponsor animals.

Animals First

For animals admitted to the Sanctuary, we assess their needs and provide them with the best possible care during their stay.

In most cases, every effort will be made to find suitable and loving adoptive homes where each animal’s individual needs can be met.

We also neuter, vaccinate, microchip, treat for fleas and worms and vet check every animal before they go to their new home

No Refusals

We accept all dogs, cats and rabbits if we have capacity and can cater for their needs.

We may refuse some animals where admission poses a welfare issue for another animal in our care. If, for example, the only kennel available is facing an aggressive dog, we would never admit a nervous dog nearby and search for the best possible alternative.

If we are at full capacity and are unable to take in an animal immediately, they are placed on our waiting list. We will also pass on details of similar organisations for help in urgent cases.

The only, rare exceptions to admission are when animals are a danger to staff safety and/or banned breed dogs.

No Destruction

We will never put down a healthy animal.

Dedicated to Finding Forever Homes

We take a great deal of care when selecting adopters.

We carry out home checks for all our dogs and remain in contact with adopters for advice and guidance.

Many animals come to us with medical and/or behavioural needs. In many cases, adopters must have experience with animals that need a long time to settle, may need further behavioural training and long-term veterinary support. We offer to contribute towards these costs where we can.


We also aim to educate adopters and members of the public about appropriate ways of caring for pets.