Kilburn & Diddy

Kilburn & Diddy arrived at the sanctuary after their human companion had to move into supported living accommodation and sadly, weren’t able to take their dearly beloved companions with them.Kilburn & Diddy have settled in fantastically well!! They are an adorable pair who have clearly been loved.
They share a close bond, it’s not often that you see them sitting away from each other. Both the boys love human companionship, they adore fuss and attention and would gladly become your favourite Netflix sofa companions.
  • Kilburn is a 5-year-old male domestic shorthair
  • Diddy is a 9-year-old male domestic shorthair
  • They can live with children aged 10+
  • They cannot live with other cats
  • They cannot live with a dog
  • They need an indoor only home



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