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Ben has been at the Sanctuary since the beginning of 2016 and is 20 years old.

Ben is very food oriented and will do anything for a treat. Given his medical needs, we are very careful not to allow his appetite to get out of control so visitors are not allowed to feed him bags of apples!

Did you Know:

  • Horses can sleep both lying down and standing up
  • Horses moods can be read easily by their nostrils, eyes and ears.
  • Horses have an extremely good memory and can remember a friendly person!

Can you visit us?

Ben is often out in the paddock, unless it’s really cold or raining heavily, so you can see him grazing. As he is at risk of having a seizure, only staff are allowed inside the paddock with him, for safety reasons.


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About Ben

Ben, a Dutch Warmblood, is a retired riding school horse whom in his prime was King of the rosettes. He is a gentle giant who seems a little dopey but is actually quite smart; he can open a stable door if it isn’t shut properly.

He recently lost his best pal April, who was here for 14 years.

Ben has a medical condition which causes him to have seizures. This is being effectively treated with medication, but the costs are quite high so any help will be greatly appreciated.

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