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Snowey is a pygmy goat who came to the Sanctuary in 2015 along with his buddy Cosmo. They both live here with Toggy who is the leader of the goat gang and love playing together, much to Toggy’s dismay as he likes to be the centre of attention. The three boys love the willow tree in the goat yard and the new climbing platform built by one of OAS’ kind volunteers. Snowey loves to beat the others to the top!

Did you know:

  • Goats are browsers not grazers like sheep. This means they enjoy munching on shrubs, bushes and foliage off trees instead of grass.
  • Goats are ruminants, with four stomach chambers. The most important of these is the rumen, which acts as a large fermentation vat to break down plant roughage.
  • Goats have rectangular pupils that allow them to have much wider peripheral vision.

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About Snowey

Snowey and Cosmo are brother pygmy goats and both were born in 2014. Snowey always knows when his meal times are and isn’t hesitant to prompt you with his rather loud bleating.

He loves nothing more than having the sides of his face scratched. Cosmo, is a little more reserved and shy, but sticks by his brother at all times and has a little goat heart of gold.

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