Adoption Update – February 2024

2024 has begun with the same heartwarming trend that wrapped up 2023 – a surge of animal lovers opening their hearts and homes to our furry friends!

A whopping 61 furry cherubs have found their way into the warm embrace of loving families and the delights and comforts of a forever home.

Of those lucky animals to be adopted, a paw-some 49 were cats and kittens. The excitement kicked off with a bang as Indigo and Sloth raced into their new homes right after the New Year’s parties had barely finished. But that was just the beginning!

By the 10th of January, the kitty convoy grew as 15 more found their forever families. Tinsel, Skittles, Simba, Dodge, and Kiki were among the lucky ones who got to start their year with cuddles and purrs.

The feline frenzy didn’t stop there.

Every day in January, more and more cats and kittens graced our office, eagerly completing the adoption process. Chloe and Sugar, two senior cats who had patiently waited in foster care, finally trotted off to their new homes, and Jasper and Alice, the dynamic duo who embarked on their foster adventure, are now growing like weeds, full of zest and curiosity!

As if the cats weren’t enough to make your heart sing, four bouncy rabbits also got a fresh start to the year! Lola and Stitch hopped off to a new adventure together while Comet and Sweep bounded off into the arms of their new bonded partners.

But wait, there’s more!

The doggie dream team joined in on the fun, too. Bella, the gorgeous Pug who had been through her fair share of medical ups and downs, found her forever family.

And there’s Rocket, the Yorkiepoo puppy, who’s now redefining the meaning of joy and comedy in his new home.

Let’s not forget our star Staffy students, Steven and Hammy. After a short trial period, Steven proved he could settle and adapt to his new home acing the test with flying colours!

And last but not least, Pickle, another adorable puppy, and Renzo, the dapper Doberman, rounded out the January roster with their happy tails wagging.

We’re over the moon, and we couldn’t have done it without our fantastic adopters, who welcomed these fur babies into their lives with open arms, and our dedicated OAS team, who worked tirelessly, even through the Christmas season, to ensure these pets were ready for their next adventure.

A big round of ap-paws (sorry, I couldn’t resist!) to everyone involved! 🐾🏡❤️