Adoption Update – July 2023

Looking back, June was an extraordinary month for us!

We had 35 pets find their new families and it was a joy to see their lives change for the better.

Let’s kick off on canine news!​ 🐶

Butch, the big and lovable Mastiff crossbreed, is bringing joy and laughter wherever he goes. Diva, the Jack Russell, found a home with a supporter who has known us for over 50 years. And we also had Apricot and Shaki, two Chihuahuas, find separate homes. Lastly, there’s Mavis, the adorable four-month-old French bulldog who is stealing hearts everywhere she goes. 😍

We also rehomed an incredibly handsome bulldog named Hugi!

😹 It seems like everyone wants to name their pets Pippin these days! We had a few animals with that name find homes, including two dogs in June. Our dog team had a bit of a challenge keeping track, but we’re happy they all found loving families! We also had bunnies named Pippin and Socks find homes, and we still have a cat named Pippin and another named Poppins waiting for their turn.

😺  Cat news now and lots of feline friends are settling into their new homes and enjoying scratching everything in sight.

​​We’ve got Rocco, Socks, Cali, Bea, Lucifer (poor guy, he deserved a better name), Marbles, Teddy, Bonnie, Jessica, Otto, Kairo, Axel, and Oakley happily settling in.

​​And let’s not forget the cute kittens like Marco, Polo, Pandora, Dorothy, and Elizabeth who found their forever homes too.  😻

Remember Odin? He had a tough start but thanks to some amazing people at Hart Vets and our fosterer, he’s now recovering and settling into his new home. Good job, Odin! You deserve all the peace and happiness after what you’ve been through.

And we can’t forget Betsy McFluffy, who found a calm retirement home at the grand age of 13.

🐇  In rabbit news, we started the month by rehoming a rabbit named Reece and Jeffrey, Thumper, and Noah weren’t far behind and are happily munching on hay in their new homes with their perfect partners. 

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who adopted from us in June and to every single one of you who donates to us monthly to help make this magic happen!

We still desperately need monthly donors to help support our work, and June was a very costly month for vet bills and with only a few new donors, so if you can spare just £10 a month, our animals would really appreciate it. Click here to become a monthly donor.  🙏

We hope your new furry friends are bringing you as much happiness as they brought us while they were in our care.