Adoption Update – March 2024

Can you believe March is upon us already?

We trust you’re weathering the wet conditions as best you can – those dog walks lose their charm in the pouring rain!

As February bid its farewell, filled with love and, admittedly, a few too many rainy days, we pause to ponder the whirlwind of happenings at Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary.

February, the month of love, not only saw tender gestures between humans but also a flood of affection for our furry companions.

Valentine’s Day wasn’t solely for couples; it reminded us to celebrate the unwavering love and companionship our pets offer daily. Whether it involved snuggling up with a cat, embarking on spirited adventures with a dog, or simply showering them with extra treats and attention, our furry family members were lavished with love and adoration.

Our team have been working hard throughout February – even with an extra day – to find more homes than ever before.

February was a month of new beginnings for 60 animals at OAS – an increase of 57% (22 animals more) than last year!

Leading the pack was Tim the Lurcher, bidding farewell to the dog team early in the month.

The highlight came with Reggie the German Shepherd finding his forever home after a long stay at our kennels. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of our dog team and external behaviourist, as well as the commitment of Reggie’s adopters, he’s settling in beautifully.

Cheeky and Milo, a pair of elderly dogs fostered by one of our team members, also found their new home in late February.

Flash, the heroic greyhound, not only found a loving family but also saved another dog’s life with a courageous blood transfusion. Truly a star!

Ruby, the lucky puppy, found herself living by the south coast with a stunning sea view.

Other dogs like Trixie, Fern, Waffle, Flo, Tofie, Jessie, and Tillie are also happily settling into their new homes.

For our feline friends, it was another bustling month with 43 cats and kittens finding new homes, ranging from 8 weeks to 14 years old, each bringing their own colours, personalities, and quirks.

Even our rabbit adoptions picked up this month after a typically slow winter period, with Samba and Rumba finally finding their special people, along with Cinnabun and Charlie. Penny and Leonard, named after characters from The Big Bang Theory, remain happily together.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all who have adopted from us and those who passionately support our cause, enabling us to find homes for these deserving animals.