Adoption Update – November 2021

November saw 37 animals find their forever homes with our wonderful adopters.

Of the 21 cats and kittens rehomed, several were older cats who had come back to us because their owners had gone into care. This is always really sad but we’re grateful that the owners and their families acted in accordance with our Adoption Agreements and contacted us. We love to keep tabs on our previous residents and make sure they come to us for rehoming again.

Two of these older cats (we actually think they’re middle-aged) are Bootsie, a strong-willed boy, who’s almost 15 years old, and Yuki, an adorable lady who’s almost 14.

A litter of four hand-reared kittens also went home in late November. A special thanks to the cattery team for looking after these beauties day and night for several weeks.

As we’ve mentioned many times this year, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of rabbits we are being asked to take in. This remains the case and looks set to continue. One of the challenging ones is a lovely bunny called Narla. Narla had been in foster care for some time with a wonderful couple who took great care of her. The reason why she remained in foster care for so long is that Narla has a condition called Pasteurella, which is contagious and means she can only be rehomed as an indoor bunny, and with a rabbit who also has the same condition. Luckily, the owner of a perfect male companion came forward and they are now going through the bonding stage. Fingers crossed this works and they live happily ever after. Huge thanks to the foster carers for being so amazing. We are so grateful.

Now onto dogs; Smudge, a 14-year-old Patterdale Terrier also returned to us recently and has since been rehomed to someone we know well and has adopted from us in the past. Several other dogs have also been adopted in November. So all in all, another great month of work done by our special team, and by some truly committed adopters.

Thanks to you all.

December is always a lean month in terms of the total number of adoptions so we expect fewer adoptions next month. This is mainly because we don’t adopt beyond a certain date to make sure animals are not given as Christmas presents and to ensure they start they have the best chance to settle once everything is calmer, after the festivities.