Adoption Update – October 2023

September brought an unexpected week-long heatwave and another successful wave of adoptions, with 54 wonderful pets finding their forever homes, filling the hearts of their new owners with joy.

🐱 Much like August, this number included a multitude of adorable kittens, totalling 34 cats and kittens finding their new families. 🐱

Among these furry friends were Whisky, Peanut, Honey, Latte & Cappuccino, Curly & Moe, Rodders, Oreo & Shadow, Mellow & Mittens, Arya, Peaches, Nim, Casper & Eddie, Finch, Oreo & Crumble, Mocha, Percy, Derek, Chewy & Meowser, Simba, and, last but certainly not least, Coco.

Even Aslan, the brave blind cat who underwent surgery to remove an eye, found a loving new home and is thriving.

🐰 Onto our hoppy friends, Cotton, Harley, Lionel, Brie & Stilton, who had been patiently waiting for over a year, Gordon (an aptly named bunny), and Chester, are now happily nibbling away in their new homes.

🐶 Not to forget our canine companions, Malibu led the pack as the first dog to find a loving home in September, joined by Noodle, Blue, Chloe, Becky, Nelly, Lucy, Max, Rosie, and JD.

A special mention goes to Dave, the Staffy crossbreed, who finally found his forever home after spending over a year at the Sanctuary. This heartwarming news brings us immense satisfaction.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who opened their hearts and homes to these deserving pets. Your compassion and generosity are truly immeasurable, and we are deeply grateful.

We also want to express our deep appreciation to our dedicated donors, whose unwavering support enables us to continue our vital work every day and plays an instrumental role in making these adoptions possible. 🐾🏡💕