Adoption Update – September 2023

August was an absolute winner for adoptions!

A record-smashing 62 animals found their perfect pals and settled into their fur-ever families.

August tends to be quite the whirlwind for rehoming, but this time around, our amazing team truly outdid themselves.

🐱 Let’s kick off with our marvellous moggies and darling kittens. 🐱

Isaac the Bengal cat led the charge, charming his way into his new owner’s heart with his impeccable purring skills. And I’m delighted to share that he’s settling in splendidly in his new abode.

Following closely was Larry, striding off into a fresh chapter of his life.

Then came the delightful duo Tiggy & Luna and hot on their tails were Friday, Rosie, Bella, Maggie, Daisy, Coco, Bridget, and Winnie all finding loving fur-ever families.

Oh, and let’s not overlook our endearing kittens (a few received a name makeover courtesy of their new families) – Lily, Paisley, Ned, Daisy (yes, another one!), Pickle, Spot, Dex & Kenzo, Bean, Audrey, Dumpling, Stripe, Lulu, Ghost & Matilda, Kenzo & Mizo, Jam, Gimli, Tex & Indie, Atto, Femto, and Oliver.

😻Adding a heartwarming twist, the tale of Maisey, a seasoned tortoiseshell, and her young 13-week-old sidekick, Olive, finding a harmonious home together. 😻

For our friends following us on social media, Alicia has her own special chapter too. After undergoing significant TLC and surgeries, she’s now thriving with a wonderful owner who’s showering her with the love she richly deserves.

🐰 Now, hopping along to our rabbit news!🐰

Two dynamic duos, Gin & Fizz and Sam & Peppa, are exploring the joys of companionship. Meanwhile, our lone stars Rayla and the charming Lord Buckteeth are venturing into new companionships with the guidance of their loving adopters.

🐶 And onto our canine companions, woof! 🐶

First to go home in August was Buddy the Puggle leading the pack. Soon to join the parade was the charming Trevor, followed by Wally, Cooper, the delightful Chihuahua pair Archie & Mimi, Pip, Harley, Cookie, Lulu, and the ever-beaming Malibu.

Huge thanks to everyone who made these bright beginnings possible!

A wholehearted salute to our generous donors, the fantastic OAS team, our nurturing fosterers, the talented and dedicated vets, our volunteers, and the social media fans who are spreading the word about our marvellous charity.

You’re all awesome! 🐾