Buster the Spaniel

Buster is a 13-year-old Spaniel crossbreed who’s had a really difficult time.

His owner passed away earlier this year and there was no one to care for him. Thankfully, a very kind lady paid for his stay at a boarding kennel where he was well cared for. After being there for several months, the lady asked us for help. Despite the fact that he was recovering from cancer of the spine, which left him with only 50% fur on his body, he had an infected jaw from terrible teeth, plus sores on his paws, yet he was always in good spirits with a big smile on his face. Even his 14 pages of vet history made our hearts melt when reading sentences like “poor Buster…nasty bug” and “Admitted again today after being attacked by another dog”.

Given all this and his age, we thought we’d be providing end of life care for him at the Sanctuary. But no, our staff and vets had other ideas.

After a lot of veterinary care and huge amounts of TLC from our amazing staff, we found Buster a home with some amazingly kind-hearted people.

The first week was really difficult for him. He had severe separation issues. His new owners took lots of time off work, liaised with our behaviourist and found a way.

He now looks really well, compared to how he was when he arrived (pictured top left) and we are so grateful to his new owners, our staff, our vets and the kind lady who provided so much for him after he lost his owner.

We have been in touch with this lady throughout all this and she’s so happy, as we are too!

Good boy Buster. Take care.