Mr Tiddlywinks – A Tale of Patience & Devotion

This poor boy simply shutdown when he was here. He couldn’t adjust to life here and staff were really worried about his mental state and stress levels.
We appealed for very understanding owners; people who would give him a safe place and leave him to decide when he was comfortable enough to trust humans again.

Luckily for Mr T he found Parvati and Jordan.  Thanks to you both – you are amazing people.

Read their story below.

Dear OAS,

To celebrate Mr Tiddlywinks’ six-month adoption day I thought I’d tell you about the wonderful boy he’s become over the past month.

After five months of him hiding under the spare bed and us barely glimpsing him, we thought his anxiety was never going to abate. Then one day, when I was at my desk, I saw his little face appear around the corner of his bedroom. What followed was him stealthily crawling down the corridor and taking two hours to get to his food bowl, which was only about four metres away from him!

From that day he has gone from strength to strength. He started taking food from our hands (although with lots of hissing at first), followed shortly by his first meow and then his first purr (not to say he wasn’t communicating with his last owner). We were very hesitant to stroke him as it seemed that he liked things to be on his terms, but when he started rubbing his cheeks on us we realised he wanted some affection. He now dashes for strokes every morning and he loves being groomed with his brush. Aside from food, another love of his is his dental sticks (see photos of him playing with one). These send him wild!

He’s become very attached, to me in particular, and he likes to sleep on the bed next to me and he keeps us both company in the living room in the evenings. He still has his own bedroom with his igloo basket, which he retreats into when he’s had enough attention and when he hears loud noises that scare him, but the latter is becoming less frequent.

He really is a great character and a loving old boy! He’s had many people rooting for him since we adopted him. I’m so glad that we found him through the sanctuary.

I’ve attached some photos of him in his crazier moments. Viva Mr Tiddlywinks!

Best wishes,
Parvati, Jordan and Mr T