Introducing Cats and Dogs: Three Simple Steps to Success

Introducing cats and dogs to each other can be an exciting and rewarding experience. By following a few simple steps, you can help ensure a smooth transition and foster a positive relationship between your new cat and dog. Let’s break it down into three easy-to-follow steps:


Step 1: Give Your Cat Time to Settle

When you bring your new cat home, it’s important to give them time to recover from the journey and adjust to their new surroundings. Make sure your dog is not waiting at the door, as this may overwhelm your cat. Allow at least one to two days for your cat to settle in before introducing them to your dog. Depending on your cat’s confidence, it might take a bit longer.

During this settling-in period, keep your cat and dog separate. Designate a room for your cat where your dog is not allowed. Ensure the cat has access to food, water, and a litter tray in that room. While keeping them separate, it’s helpful to make them aware of each other’s presence. Stroke your cat and let your dog sniff your hand. You can also swap blankets or bedding between them so they can familiarize themselves with each other’s scents.


Step 2: Relaxed First Meeting

The first meeting between your cat and dog should be conducted when both animals are in a relaxed state. Keep your dog on a lead, keeping it as slack as possible to ensure the cat’s safety while allowing the dog some freedom to investigate their new friend. Let your dog sniff and learn about their new housemate.

During this introduction, it’s important to stay calm and observant. It’s acceptable for the cat to give a warning swipe on the dog’s nose, but be ready to intervene in case the dog retaliates. If things are going well, allow them to continue interacting. Drop the lead, but be prepared to regain control if necessary. Occasionally call your dog to you and reward them with a treat whenever they respond. After a few minutes, end the session and spend some one-on-one time with your dog while someone else gives attention to your cat in a separate room.


Step 3: Repeat

Repeating the introduction process is essential for building familiarity and comfort between your cat and dog. Aim to repeat these interactions two or three times a day for the first few days. With time, they will become more accustomed to each other, and you can gradually allow them to interact freely.

Remember, patience is key throughout this process. Every cat and dog is unique, and their adjustment periods may vary. If you notice that your dog and cat are not getting along or if any concerns arise, it’s crucial to separate them immediately and seek further advice. Feel free to get in touch with us for any additional guidance or support.


By following these three simple steps and providing a safe and controlled environment, you can help your cat and dog build a positive relationship and create a harmonious home for both of them. Enjoy the journey of introducing these new furry friends to each other!

Here’s our quick poster guide. Click to download the PDF.