Adoption Update – Febuary 2021

Thanks to you, we have been able to maintain our excellent level of care during this difficult period.

Among the 27 animals rehomed in February, were some who needed expert behavioural assessments and training, significant veterinary treatment and others who had been rescued from homes in a sensitive lockdown situation.

Some of these are highlighted below.

A family of 5 cats who’s owner passed away on New Year’s Eve, were rescued from a home. We don’t normally visit homes to carry out rescues because we don’t have the resources, but this was extremely urgent and the family needed help immediately, so we had to help. We also helped with two dogs from the same home on New Year’s day, transporting them to another facility.

All of the cats needed to be neutered, vaccinated and microchipped, and some also needed dental treatment. They have all now been rehomed and are starting to settle in their new homes.

Percy the dog has been rehomed after a successful trial period. His new owners have had additional Zoom sessions with our behaviourist to address his challenging behaviour, and things are going very well.

Cosmo the rabbit has now gone to his new home. Poor little Cosmo needed two entropion operations to help save his eyesight. During his recovery from each of the ops, he needed medication 3 times a day and the staff did this perfectly. He is now settling in his new home with his new girlfriend.

And due to lockdown restrictions, OAS staff have had to transport almost all of the animals who are coming in and all who are going home. Our fuel bill has certainly increased these past few months but it’s a priority to devote our resources in this way.

Below are photos of a few of them.

Thanks to all our donors and supporters for helping us to find their forever homes.