Adoption Update – May 2022

In May we rehomed 25 animals; 11 cats, 10 rabbits and 4 dogs.

These included the rather harshly named Lucifer the cat. He didn’t like the vet but who does?!

Kiwi and Peaches, a bonded pair of rabbits also found their forever home after being here for a while as did Luna & Freya.

Bruce the French Bulldog went off to his new on the last day of May too.

As you can imagine, new animals have arrived since these ones departed and are settling into their temporary accommodation at the Sanctuary. Once they have been checked by our vets and we get to know them a bit more, they will be made available for adoption and should appear in these updates over the coming months.

Thanks to our staff, our vets and our amazing adopters for making all this happen.