Adoption Update – November 2023

October proved to be an incredible month for our four-legged friends, securing their fur-ever homes in style!

An impressive 64 animals (our fourth-largest month in the past six years!) found their human counterparts, all thanks to a splendid bunch of animal lovers.

Rupert and Bugsy, the most charming of rabbits, hopped off to a life of utter contentment and herby indulgences. Arya and Luna, two other rabbit comrades, binkied their way into a loving household, destined for many a cozy snuggle.

And what a remarkable month it was for our kitten brigade! No fewer than 29 little mites began their adventures in new homes, eagerly awaiting the day they’d be given the all-clear to explore the great outdoors. Amongst them were litters named in homage to “The Wind in the Willows,” a citrusy group aptly named after fruits, and a darling cluster reminiscent of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”

The exceedingly endearing Patch, after receiving a good dose of TLC from our sterling foster, has settled in her new residence, awaiting her Radioiodine therapy with the grace of a queen. Hats off to our splendid supporters for rallying the funds for this vital treatment. We’re absolutely chuffed by your generosity.

In canine news, little Tucker, the dainty pup, nestled into his new home and has his owner dutifully performing the late-night feed and potty waltz every few hours.

Gizmo (affectionately rechristened Gissy), the Jack Russell who spent far too long in our kennels, has at last acclimatised to his new surroundings and is thoroughly enjoying the comforts of his forever home.

And let’s not overlook Cinnamon, the Lurcher with the infectious smile, who’s getting on famously with her new playmate.

The list is exhaustive, with many more deserving pets and heartwarming tales.

A heartfelt thanks to all our October adopters for embracing these delightful animals into your homes and hearts.

You’ve joined the OAS family, and for that, we’re immensely grateful.